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Online Talk#8:「地球の時間ーー歴史小説家スコットを生誕250年後に〈環境〉の視点から考える」

Saturday, 29 Jan. 2022

10-11 AM JST

報告者: 松井 優子 (青山学院大学文学部・教授)

2021年に生誕250周年を迎えたロマン派詩人にして歴史小説家Walter Scott(1771-1832)の活動は、進展する産業化や都市化との交渉のなかで展開された。彼はスコットランドのボーダーズ地方の口承の伝統を記録するバラッド編纂者としてメジャー・デビューする。その後、小説第一作Waverley(1814)では、小説というジャンルと社会変容との関係について問題提起し、晩年のCount Robert of Paris(1831)では、機械仕掛けのライオンやオランウータンを登場させ、プレヒューマンやポストヒューマンの問題を予感させる、実験的な作家でもあった。一方では、スコットランド、エディンバラ市民として鉄道敷設委員会や石油ガス会社の運営に関わるほか、スコットランド王立協会総裁も務めている。その彼の詩や歴史小説は今度は、あらゆる媒体を通じて19世紀の英語圏やヨーロッパに遍在し、読み手や聴衆の空間・時間意識の一部を形成することになった。


"Time of the Earth: Reconsidering Walter Scott from an Environmental Perspective, 250 Years Later"​

  2021 was the 250th anniversary of the birth of Walter Scott (1771-1832), a Romantic poet and novelist. Scott’s writing and public career illustrates a multiple dialogue with industrialisation and urbanisation: for example, his first major publication was a collection of oral ballads from the Scottish Borders. Later, he explored the possibility of the novelistic genre in terms of political and social change in his first novel Waverley (1814), and featured a mechanical lion and an orangutan, anticipating the issue of the pre- and post-human in Count Robert of Paris (1831), as ever a highly experimental author. As an Edinburgh citizen, he was involved with the discussion on a railway committee and the management of an oil gas company, as well as acting as president of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. As the most popular poet and novelist of the age, his works were ubiquitous in the nineteenth-century Europe and Anglophone world through diverse media, thus forming the spatial and temporal consciousness of modern readers and audience.

  In this presentation, I will first introduce an episode of a visit by Scott to a small volcanic island in the Mediterranean Sea in 1831, and examine the reception of Scott and his works in the nineteenth century to consider the spread of modern historical awareness. I will then turn to an exploration of the historical and philosophical backgrounds of the diary entry of Scott’s visit of the island as a first step toward reconsidering Scott’s historical novels from an environmental perspective 250 years later.

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