Online Talk#2: “Boundary and Veil”

15 May 2021, 10-11AM JST

Speaker: TORIGOE Keiko (Professor, soundscape studies and design, Department of Cultural and Creative Studies, AGU)

All living things on the earth are alive with nature and are kept alive by nature. This principle applies also to human beings, who have unique abilities among living things. At the same time, for human beings, the issue of “how to connect with nature” is much more diverse and complex than for other living things.

The concept of ‘soundscape’ advocated and developed by R. Murray Schafer from the late 1960s to the early 1970s is useful for examining and considering the essential relationship between us ( human beings) and our environment through music (or musical activities). “Today all sounds belong to a continuous field of possibilities lying within the comprehensive dominion of music. Behold the new orchestra: the sonic universe! And the musicians: anyone and anything that sounds!” By writing this, he sought to release the aesthetic ears of modern humans into the entire environment including the universe. Behind the formation and proposition of the soundscape concept was the ecological zeitgeist of the 1960s-70s as well as his philosophical thinking about “what is


This talk will introduce you to the concept of “soundscape” through Schafer’s writings and activities together with his new research and design theory based on it. At the same time, I will discuss the “boundaries” inherent in our cultural activities and the “veils” hidden

in our daily lives.





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