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Online Talk#18: Time, Technology, and Nature at the Norwegian Cabin

Saturday, 15 April 2023, 10-11 AM JST

Speaker: Finn Arne Jørgensen (Professor, Environmental History, University of Stavanger)

The leisure cabin is a central part of Norwegian culture. Traditionally a simple wooden house located in the mountains, by the sea, or in the forest, the cabin is a weekend and holiday getaway for many Norwegians. While the cabin draws on hundreds of years of history, it is also full of modern tensions: what should a cabin look like? How should it work? What should the relationship between the cabin and the surrounding landscape be? What should one do at the cabin and how should one do it? These are not simple questions, but are at the center of extended cultural controversies in Norwegian society.

This talk will introduce the cabin as a historical, cultural, and material phenomenon before exploring how Norwegian cabin owners use technology to negotiate their relationship to time and nature at the cabin. It will draw on concepts like authenticity and technological mediation in order to understand how the experience of nature cannot be separated from the technologies through which we experience it.

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4月20日(土)〜5月11日(土) 日曜日および5月3日、4日、6日休廊 開廊時間:午前10時〜午後6時 青山学院大学 ジェンダー研究センターギャラリー 「「共創の場」展は、ジェンダーの問題に取り組みコミュニティの構築を目指す6つのアート・コレクティブを紹介します。それぞれの活動に共通する「コレクティビズム」という考え方に注目し、社会的に少数派の人々がいかに助け合いや支援をおこない、共同の学びの場


「目に見える景色がすべてではない。自然の音、人工の音、聴こえる音、聴こえない音──多様な要素が織り成す風景に音からアプローチし、その場らしさを引き出すプロジェクトの数々は、訪れる者の感覚を揺さぶり、身体と土地との繋がりを問う。豊かな感性を取り戻し、真に環境とともにある文化をまなざす思索と実践。」 ​ くわしくはこちら


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